New Service: Image Exchange

Connie is launching an Imaging service at the end of January!

Imaging provides Connie users access to patient images in full diagnostic quality at point of care. Images and reports will be available directly in the Connie portal and InContext app in real time, enhancing both speed and quality of care. Any provider that has been provisioned access to Connie will have access to Imaging. 

There are three functional elements in Imaging: report-level viewing, imaging worklist, and transfer to PACS. Reportlevel views allow a provider to view an image when reviewing a patient’s corresponding Radiology or Cardiology report. The imaging worklist allows a provider to compare images for one patient from all organizations that contribute images to Connie. While in the worklist the transfer to PACS functionality allows users with added permissions to download external images from the imaging worklist to their local PACS. Images taken within the last 90 days are made available to all authorized Connie users within seconds of collection, while deeper archives of images older than 90 days can also be queried and delivered on demand. 

The number of images will initially be limited as Connie begins onboarding organizations to share images. However, Connie is continuously working to connect additional organizations to provide a robust imaging service, decreasing costs to imaging centers and improving care to Connecticut patients. Interested in more information about connecting your organization’s PACS? Contact Heidi Wilson at If youre interested in accessing this Imaging service, contact your dedicated Account Manager. Not yet a Connie User? Please use the CONTACT US FORM to get connected with Connie.