Connie is actively connecting organizations.  

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Connie connects you with updated, accurate health information to help you care for your patients.

Keeping You Connected to Your Patients

Connie has been developed to enable providers and physicians to: 

  • Better share clinical information across all healthcare settings. 
  • Assist in care coordination. 
  • Reduce preventable costs associated with readmissions, duplicative testing, and errors. 
  • Support public health reporting, research, and population health analytics. 
  • Adhere to and promote standards and interoperability. 
  • Provide patient access to their own health information. 

Participation Requirements

To meet Connecticut’s mandate, a healthcare organization is connected once its clinical and empanelment data is shared with Connie 

As of May 3, 2021, Hospitals and labs have one year to begin connecting with Connie, and all other healthcare providers have two years. 

State statute requires all healthcare providers to connect to Connie within two years. The full statutory requirement is described in section 126 on page 159 of the Senate Bill No. 1502 June Special Session, Public Act No. 17-2.