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Portal and HIE Admin
User Guides

The Portal User Guide provides step-by-step information on how to access the basic functions of the Connie Portal and InContext App.

Connie Operating Policies & Procedures

The Connie Operating Policies and Procedures document was made to guide Connie users in day-to-day activities, workflow, and provide guidelines and policies on using the HIE.

Training Materials

Connie provides our participants with tools and resources designed to help navigate the clinical portal and growing list of services.

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Connecticut state agency newsletter

State Agency Newsletter

This newsletter series will keep state agencies informed about Connie’s latest initiatives and collaborations, share insights on the benefits of Connie, and highlight the positive impact the HIE is making in the lives of patients in Connecticut.

Connie/UCONN Health Podcasts

The Connecticut eHealth podcast is a space where we get together with local and national experts, key stakeholders and other individuals in the space of eHealth to discuss health information in CT and around the country.

Connie/UCONN Health Webinars

Informational webinars made in partnership with the University of Connecticut featuring expert insights on Health Information Exchange.

Connie in the News

Keep up to date on what Connie is up to in Connecticut! Our News page provides all Connie updates and developments in one convenient location.

Connie Data Release Policy

Connie Data Release Policy

The Connie Data Release Policy was reviewed and approved by the Connie Board of Directors on January 11, 2023.

"Legacy platforms delayed or prevented connectivity, but Connie has completely resolved most of that, and will make it even better as we move into the next year. We’ve already been with Connie for a year, and have come a long way in facilitating care. My practice is going to ride the wave with clinical care, adding everything from artificial intelligence to pharmacy databases, so anything a provider would need is in one package in the Connie Portal."

– Albert Villarin, MD, FACEP,
VP | CMIO | Nuvance Health

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