Getting Your Health Information
to the Right Place at the Right Time

Connie gives your healthcare providers a more complete view of your medical information, making your health visits safer and quicker, and avoiding unneeded tests and costs.

What is Connie?

Connie is Connecticut’s official Health Information Exchange (HIE). An HIE is a safe way of sharing health information electronically among doctors’ offices, hospitals, labs, radiology centers, and other healthcare organizations. 

Using Connie allows your physician to access your health information before determining your care plan. This timely and secure sharing of information permits your health care providers to deliver safer, more efficient care, helping you to feel assured in your treatment. 

Overseen by an appointed Board of Directors, Connie was established in 2019 to oversee and drive services to support the exchange of health data in the State of Connecticut. We are an independent, not-for-profit, neutral and trusted organization. 

Connie is authorized by state statute and our purpose is to create a platform to support health care delivery, quality, safety, and value for Connecticut health care organizations, providers, and residents.  

What is the Value of a Health Information Exchange (HIE)?

A Health Information Exchange will help doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers give you faster, better care. Connie offers secure access to your health data. 

In emergency situations where you may be unable to provide information, Connie would allow nurses or physicians to quickly view your medical history to take note of allergies or medical conditions that may affect your treatment. Your primary care physician would also be notified if you have been recently admitted to the hospital to provide any follow up support. 

An HIE may help lower healthcare costs by allowing doctors to more quickly view your results from previous tests or labs and prevent repeated tests. 


You can opt-out of Connie at any time.

You decide if you want Connie to share your health information. You can opt-out of Connie at any time. If you opt-out, doctors and nurses will not be able to search for your health records through the HIE, and your information will not be available in the event of an emergency. Any information that a doctor may have seen in Connie and entered into your medical record before you opted out will remain in your medical record with that specific doctor, but will not be shared through Connie. 

How Do I Opt-Out?

Opting-out of Connie is easy. You can choose to opt out online or by phone, fax, email, or postal mail. 

Our Policies

Get to know our policies better. Connie follows all state and federal privacy laws on who can access what data and for what purpose.