Introducing CT eHealth Podcasts

Connie has partnered with UConn Health, to launch a new podcast series: CT eHealth Podcast: Educating, Conversing and Connecting for Better Health, with the primary goal to educate, converse, and connect  

The Connecticut eHealth podcast, funded by Connie and produced by the UConn Health Interoperability, Innovation and Learning Lab with host Thomas Agresta, MD, MBI, is a space where local and national experts, key stakeholders, and other eHealth professionals can get together to discuss health information in CT and around the country. 

Be sure to catch up on our latest podcasts listed below and bookmark the CT eHealth Podcast page to listen to future episodes and learn more about health IT trends in our state and nationwide.

Jenn Searls

In the podcast’s debut episode, Dr. Thomas Agresta welcomes Jenn Searls, Executive Director of Connecticut’s official state-designated Health Information Exchange (HIE), Connie. Jenn stops by to talk about her journey to becoming Connie’s Executive Director and the organization’s progress since it commenced operations on May 3rd, 2021. 

Allen Davis

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Agresta gets together with Dr. Allen Davis, an internist in Western Connecticut with ProHealth Physicians and a sitting board member of Connie, Connecticut’s state-designated health information exchange (HIE). Dr. Davis joins us to discuss physicians’ challenges in sharing health data and how an HIE could address these barriers.

Lisa Stump

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Agresta sits down with Lisa Stump, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Yale New Haven Health (YNHH) and Connie Board Member. Lisa discusses how an HIE can impact population health and where YNHH is at in the Connie onboarding process.