Introducing the Executive Director of Connie, Connecticut's Official Health Information Exchange

In the podcast’s debut episode, our very own Dr. Thomas Agresta gets together with Jenn Searls, Executive Director of Connecticut’s official state-designated Health Information Exchange (HIE), Connie. Jenn stops by to talk about her journey to becoming Connie’s Executive Director and the organization’s progress since it commenced operations on May 3rd, 2021. Tune in to hear more about Jenn’s vision for the future of Connie in leading Connecticut to better health.


An Internist's Perspective on Connie

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Agresta gets together with Dr. Allen Davis, an internist in Western Connecticut with ProHealth Physicians and a sitting board member of Connie, Connecticut’s state-designated health information exchange (HIE). Dr. Davis joins us to discuss physicians’ challenges in sharing health data and how an HIE could address these barriers. Tune in to hear about an internist’s perspective on the benefits an HIE can provide, as well as information about the onboarding process.


A Conversation with the Yale New Haven Health Chief Information Officer

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Agresta sits down with Lisa Stump, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Yale New Haven Health (YNHH) and Connie Board Member. Lisa discusses how an HIE can impact population health and where YNHH is at in the Connie onboarding process. Tune in to hear more about this CIO and trained pharmacist’s perspective on the benefits an HIE can provide large healthcare systems


Meet the Executive Director of Connecticut’s Office of Health Strategy

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Agresta gets together with Vicki Veltri, Executive Director of the Connecticut Office of Health Strategy (OHS). Vicki joins us to discuss the role of the OHS and how CT’s new statewide HIE (Connie) will aid the OHS to meet its mission and improve the health of Connecticut citizens.  Tune in to hear more about how Connie can help state agencies and stakeholders get a clearer picture of care delivery, equity, quality, and spending in Connecticut.


Medication Reconciliation and Polypharmacy in Connecticut

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Agresta dives into the current state of medication reconciliation and polypharmacy with Dr. Sean Jeffery, Clinical Professor at UConn School of Pharmacy, Geriatric Pharmacist and Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services at Integrated Care Partners, and Dr. Nitu Kashyap, Physician, Clinical Informaticist, and Associate CMIO at Yale New Haven Health (YNHH). They describe medication reconciliation and how Connie, Connecticut’s state-designated health information exchange, can implement their efforts completed under the Office of Health Strategy’s Medication Reconciliation and Polypharmacy Committee (MRPC).


How a Health Information Technology Officer can Move CT Forward

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Agresta is joined by Sumit Sajnani, the Health Information Technology Officer (HITO), and Connie Board of Directors Chair. Sumit graduated from the University of Hartford with a Bachelor’s in Engineering and most recently was the Chief Information Officer at TechSolutions Intl. After previously managing IT initiatives at the Connecticut Department of Corrections, he returns to state service and is now helping move Connecticut’s health information technology infrastructure forward. Tune in to find out more about his role and how the Five-Year Statewide Health IT Plan will improve the health of Connecticut citizens.


UConn Health CMIO Discusses the "5 Rights" to an Optimal Workflow

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Agresta connects with UConn Health’s Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), Dr. Dirk Stanley, to discuss successful health information exchange elements. He discusses the importance of technology as part of the workflow integration process and the “5 Rights” needed to create a good workflow. Discover how he believes Connie, Connecticut’s state-designated health information, can address many challenges in healthcare and its potential to be further leveraged as a powerful resource for care coordination and the implications for UConn Health now that it has connected with Connie. Tune in to learn how health data interoperability alone isn’t adequate without usable patient data for actionable care.