Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC)

The Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) is a forum for patients and families to share their perspectives and feedback on healthcare to inform Connie’s efforts to empower patients through access to their health data. Through PFAC, Connie engages patients and their families to ensure that their needs and concerns are heard and applied in shaping policies and strategies related to health data access.

One of the main benefits of PFAC is its role in increasing understanding among Connecticut communities about the significance of health data exchange in improving care coordination, care delivery, and patient health outcomes. Through awareness and education about the role of health data exchange, PFAC bridges the gap between patients, families, and the healthcare system for a healthier and more connected Connecticut.

With the help of its participants, PFAC aims to create a Connecticut more connected health care system where secure data exchange and interoperability can support patients and families to make informed health decisions and equip their health care providers with the data they need to provide the best care possible.

To register as a PFAC participant, please fill out the online form (Versión del formulario en Español). 

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Get to know our policies better. Connie follows all state and federal privacy laws on who can access what data and for what purpose.