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Connie Resource Library

Connie Resource Library

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Connie/UCONN Health Webinars

Informational webinars made in partnership with the University of Connecticut featuring expert insights on Health Information Exchange.

Connie/UCONN Health Podcasts

The Connecticut eHealth podcast is a space where we get together with local and national experts, key stakeholders and other individuals in the space of eHealth to discuss health information in CT and around the country.

Connie in the News

Keep up to date on what Connie is up to in Connecticut! Our News page provides all Connie updates and developments in one convenient location.


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Coming Soon with Service Materials

While these resources are being prepared, learn more about connecting with Connie by visiting the “Connect with Connie” page.

"The process to get Connie up and running was wonderful. The team that we worked with was so patient and pleasant to work with, and helped us to meet our goals."

– Cynthia Spear, Office Administrator for James J. Zumpano M.D., LLC

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