All About Data: Connie by the Numbers

Connie continues to gain momentum and connections since its May 3, 2021, commencement. More than 273 healthcare organizations, including 143 ambulatory practices, 13 long-term/post-acute care facilities and most major health systems in the state have signed on to Connie and committed to connecting. Many organizations have also completed their technical connection to Connie and are contributing data on almost 2.8 million Connecticut (CT) patients and for nearly 18,000 providers. Significant connection milestones include the additions of major health organizations such as Yale New Haven Health, Hartford HealthCare, UConn Health, SoNE HEALTH (previously SOHO), and ProHealth Physicians. 

Onboarding these major connections is a step in a positive direction in improving Connecticut’s healthcare and fulfilling the state mandate of all hospitals connecting with Connie by May 3, 2022, and providers connecting by May 3, 2023.  

To begin connecting with Connie, health care entities must first complete a Commit to Connect form to start the onboarding process, then confirm what specific data will be shared in the HIE. Once the 4-8 week process of legal onboarding is finished, the next step is technical onboarding.  

During Onboarding – when patient data is submitted to Connie – health organizations have the option of determining what data is shared with Connie as well as who may access Connie data at their organization.  

Once connected, healthcare entities have access to Connie’s many benefits, including the Connie Portal and Event notifications, which are some of Connie’s most used services.  

Other exciting data available through Connie include: 

  • Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) Data Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) 
  • Radiology Reports (RAD) 
  • Labs 
  • Transcriptions (Discharge summaries, Consult notes)  


This quarter, be sure to lookout for announcements on the Connie Portal and Image Exhange, Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) services and more! 

Watch for the upcoming addition of more healthcare entities in the pipeline, including Griffin Hospital, Danbury Hospital, Nuvance Health Medical Practices, Avon Health Center and The Surgical Center of Connecticut. 

There are many communications and informational plans in place to share the benefits of Connie, and healthcare entities are encouraged to learn more about how the HIE is enhancing the health of Connecticut’s residents. More information on starting a connection with Connie is available at or follow us on social media!